The Process

Save Time, Save Money, Save Paper, Improve Choice, Increase Exposure

Post Jobs and respond with targeted e-mails
Create an unlimited number of job postings, selecting options to determine what type of feedback you wish to receive. If you select e-mail feedback, applicants can e-mail their interest about a job posting with a simple click of the mouse. If you select the Notify School option, applicants can express an interest in your job posting and can be placed on a list of interested applicants. Member school district human resource personnel can then get a list of interested applicants by simply keying in the job posting number or selecting the job from a parameterized list of jobs. By simply clicking on the names on this list you can view their REAP application (comprehensive resume) or send an e-mail to them by clicking on the "e-mail applicant" link. Click here to see a video Movie.

Connect to all of your school district's REAP Job Postings from a simple clickable link on your School District web-site.

Search the REAP Database

Search our database for teacher, administrator, instructional support, and support staff candidates by setting multiple search parameters. Search parameters for teacher applicants include Position Preferred, Teaching Certificate Held, Years Experience, GPA, Student Teaching Grade, and Activities Willing to Sponsor. You can use a few or as many of these parameters as you wish. In addition there are searches by Name, REAP ID, and Certification. You can also search for Substitute Teachers and Teacher Assistants by Certification and zip code of location in which applicant is willing to work. Click here to see a video Movie.

Track your applicants with REAP
Move applicants that you have found in your searches or who have responded to the Notify School option on your job postings into the REAP Applicant Management System with a few clicks of the mouse. Once in the management system you can organize, rate, and attach comments to them. You can even allow additional reviews of applicants all in a multiple password-protected environment. Click here to see a video Movie.