Speech-Language Therapist / Pathologist - Socorro Consolidated Schools
Position: Speech-Language Therapist / Pathologist
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Speech-Language Pathologist
Job Location: Socorro Consolidated Schools
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Socorro Consolidated Schools
Socorro, NM 87801
Telephone: 575-835-0300
Job Description:
Socorro Consolidated School District
General Job Description:
Identify, evaluate and provide therapy for students with speech and language impairments which interfere with the individual student’s ability to benefit from the district’s educational program.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Organize and conduct identification program of students with potential speech/language difficulties.
  2. Evaluate speech and language functions.
  3. Plan the clinical program for students who have been identified as Speech/Language impaired, Speech Impaired, and/or students having related disabilities with communication needs (i.e. Intellectually Disabled, Autistic, etc.)
  4. Implement the clinical program.
  5. Comply with State Standards, District Policies, and ASHA Guidelines in the processes of referral, screening, and placement:
  1. Follow district procedures for screening, pre-intervention and/or referring students needing a speech/language evaluation.
  2. Complete comprehensive and appropriate evaluations according to State Standards, District Guidelines, and ASHA Guidelines.
  3. Provide a complete diagnostic summary report including a summary of evaluation information and educational relevance. Complete IEP paperwork in a timely manner.
  4. Cooperate with the Individualized Educational Plan Committee, recommending/planning for program services in compliance with State Standards.
  5. When appropriate, make referral for further evaluation.
  1. Obtain and use diagnostic information:
  1. Participate in building committee (e.g., Student Assistance Teams, School Support Team) in order to provide pre-referral interventions, screening, and/or evaluation referral information.
  2. Administer appropriate assessments for each area of suspected speech/language impairment.
  3. Demonstrate understanding and use of the principals of diagnostic evaluation and interpretation.
  4. Maintain on-going assessment to verify progress toward established goals.
  1. Demonstrate program management skills:
  1. Maintain communication with the building faculty regarding the role of the SLP.
  2. Will have a physical environment conducive to learning.
  3. Develop work schedule (s) which will fit the needs of the students, school and faculty.
  4. Report to building principal(s) and Director of Special Services.
  1. Implement Intervention Program:
  1. Develop and maintain the instructional component of the IEP according to the results of the evaluation and on-going assessment of progress.
  2. Develop long-range goals and specific objectives
  3. Complete daily notes for each student.
  4. Include methods and materials in planning.
  5. Document student progress, attendance, etc.
  6. Use a variety of approaches and materials to address the IEP that are compatible with the student’s age and interest, and abilities.
  7. Attend workshops, in-service training, University programs to obtain up-to-date information in the area of speech and language and maintain required certifications and licensure.
  8. Provide therapeutic intervention with students to enhance student performance.
  1. Medicaid notes are to be submitted 10 business days from the completion of service.
  2. Organize and conduct screening and/or testing program in compliance with district and state standards.
  3. Evaluate student speech and language functions.
  4. Plan and implement appropriate service delivery model.
  5. Direct therapy with individual student or group setting.
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