Principal - Ozark R-VI School District
Position: Principal
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Principal-Middle School
Job Location: Ozark Middle School, Ozark MO
Beginning: Aug 01, 2019
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Ozark R-VI School District
Ozark, MO 65721
Telephone: 417-582-5968
Job Description:
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1. Baccalaureate Degree and a Masters Degree in Education with courses adaptable to secondary school supervision and administration.
2. Valid Secondary Principal's Certificate from the State Department of Education.
REPORT TO:  Executive Director of Secondary Learning
JOB GOAL:  To provide leadership in developing, achieving and maintaining the best possible educational program to serve the needs of all secondary students.
1.   Exercises general supervision over the secondary school.
2.   Calls teachers' meetings and assign teachers to duty, both curricular and extra-curricular.
3.   Maintains discipline in the school and keep the Superintendent informed of disciplinary actions taken.
4.   Prepares school schedules, calendar, general operation plan and issue instructions relative to daily routine.
5.   Makes regular inspections of school buildings and grounds and reports conditions to the Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent; assumes responsibility for the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of buildings and grounds.
6.   Causes complete and continuing inventories of all school equipment and supplies to be made and filed.
7.   Assumes responsibility for regular fire and tornado drills and the inspection and condition of all fire-fighting equipment.
8.   Keeps daily attendance records and accepts responsibility for the correction of attendance irregularities.
9.   Keeps all scholastic records of permanent nature and accepts responsibility for their security.
10. Administers the course of study and the rules and regulations concerning promotion and graduation.
11. Prepares all reports relative to the school as required.
12. Performs all other duties relative to the efficient operation of the school as requested by the Superintendent under the policies of the Board of Education.
13. Inspects, records and studies facts, causes and effects of any accidents at the school or on school outings, excursion trips, or activities where the school has jurisdiction of the child and reports the findings to the Superintendent.
14. Makes reports to parents of irregular or unusual conditions relative to school attendance of a student.
15. Develops an adequate system of control of textbooks, library books, or other educational materials assigned to students or used for instructional purposes.
16. Evaluates all probationary teachers annually and all tenured teachers every other year.
17. Provides leadership in curriculum development in cooperation with other administrators.
18. Accepts responsibility that all duties related to the position which have been delegated to staff members have been properly performed and reported.
19. Provides leadership for instruction and academic improvement.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Must be able to sit for long periods of time and be mobile within and between school buildings.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Basic annual contract plus 50 days; compensation as per administrator's salary schedule.
EVALUATION:  Evaluated annually by the Executive Director of Secondary Learning

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.