Psychologist - Adelbrook
Position: Psychologist
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Psychologist
Job Location: Adelbrook - Cromwell
Beginning: Jul 20, 2019
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Adelbrook
Cromwell, CT 06416
Telephone: 860-635-0330 EXT 212
Job Description:
JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for all treatment aspects of day students at The Learning Center.  Works collaboratively with all members of the Learning Center Team to create a comprehensive treatment plan.  Assists in the development of new programs as requested, and is an active change agent relative to programs in place insuring such programs are up to date and serving the need of an ever changing population.  This requires bringing together the various components of treatment into one unified plan.  Reports to the Director of Education
  1. Serves as case manager for assigned day students and consults with teachers, particularly on the development and implementation of classroom behavior management and affective educational programs per the student’s Planning and Placement Team meeting.
  2. Provides, or ensures the provision of, individual therapy as appropriate to students assigned on his/her caseload as outlined in the student’s IEP as developed by the  PPT.
  3. Provides, or ensures the provision of, weekly group affective education therapy sessions to students on his/her caseload per programmatic or PPT recommendations.
  4. Provides psycho-educational assessment to students as designated by Planning and Placement Team
  5. Serves as a resource person to all Learning Center personnel regarding crisis intervention.
  6. Participates in clinical meetings as appropriate and coordinates bi-weekly treatment reviews on all students on his/her caseload.
  7. Participates in daily rounds meetings, weekly refinement meetings, staff meetings and other “emergency meetings” as deemed necessary.  Coordinates or completes note taking during such “emergency” meetings.  Ensures that all pertinent parties are copied on such meeting notes
  8. Assists in the acquisition and maintenance of a library of psychological and educational tests and materials.
  9. Is familiar with The Learning Center and broader agency policies and procedures.  Knows and supports The Learning Center student rules/regulations as outlined in the student handbook.
  10. Consults with parents or appropriate guardians of assigned day students, particularly regarding classroom behavior management and education issues on a regular basis; including referrals to outside services as appropriate or recommended through the Planning and Placement Team
  11. Represents The Learning Center and Ädelbrook at PPT’s on students as appropriate.  Ensures appropriate educational discharge planning for students and coordinates educational programming through the PPT process.
  12. Clearly and concisely reports the findings of assigned psycho-educational assessment during the PPT.  Discussed the findings of such assessments with the student, parent/guardian and Learning Center team prior to the PPT meeting.
  13. Acts as a liaison with outside agencies involved with students, inclusive of public school, as appropriate.
  14. Maintains and updates client records on each assigned case, inclusive of intake narrative reviews, assessments, telephone communications, progress notes, change of nexus forms, counseling IEP’s and discharge summaries.
  15. Assists in the creation of forms and data collection instruments to record a child’s performance.
  16. Is available for staff in-service training and /or other program presentation to outside agencies
  17. Coordinates and conducts pre-placement interviews of prospective day students as assigned in a timely fashion.  Provides an inclusive tour of The Learning Center facility and programs.
  18. Completes all required pre-placement paperwork, inclusive of pertinent release information forms.  Consults with pertinent outside agencies or mental health providers as part of the pre-placement process.
  19. Participate in Intake Meetings, presenting information gleaned from background information and the pre-placement interview as well as consultation with other educational and therapeutic providers.  Ability to speak of the educational issues as well as the clinical issues with which the student is presenting upon pre-placement.
  20. Displays exemplary role modeling on the job.
  21. Performs all duties as assigned by the Director of Education.
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree in Psychology.  Connecticut certification in School Psychology and a minimum three years’ experience are required.  Skills in the following areas are desirable: curriculum development, instructional leadership, individual and group therapy, public relations, and psych-educational assessment. Must possess a working knowledge of effective behavior management systems and the ability to impact such knowledge on others.

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