Psychologist - Naugatuck
Position: Psychologist
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Long Term Substitute School Psychologist
Job Location: Andrew Avenue/Western Elementary Schools
Beginning: Apr 01, 2019
Deadline: Jan 24, 2019**
District: Naugatuck
Naugatuck, CT 06770
Telephone: 203-720-5265
Job Description:
Long Term Substitute School Psychologist
Location: Andrew Avenue/Western Elementary Schools

The School Psychologist is a resource person whose expertise lies in learning and development
theory as well as in intellectual, behavioral and social/emotional assessment. Assuming the role
of consultant to administrators, teachers, parents, and/or students, the school psychologist
facilitates the maximum intellectual, social and emotional growth of each pupil in the schools.
1. Complies with all published and disseminated rules, regulations and policies of the Board of

2.  Has an understanding of the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching, the Connecticut
     Common Core of Learning and the Connecticut Framework documents and their role in
     facilitating improved student learning.

3. Complies with all published and disseminated rules, regulations and policies of the Federal
    and State Department of Education as they apply to Special Education.

4. Evaluation: assumes responsibility for individual psychoeducational assessments as
    recommended and delineated by the Planning and Placement Team. 

5.  Assists administrators in group testing when appropriate.

6. Interprets test results to pupils, parents and staff, emphasizing applicability of results to the
    learning situation; shares results with outside agencies, as authorized.

7. Implementation: provides assistance and expertise to the Planning and Placement Teams in
    initiating new programs or in modifying those in existence.
8.  Acts as a child advocate to help create an atmosphere where individual needs are recognized
    and strengths respected.
9.  Facilitates in transitioning students into and out of special education programs.
10. Maintains communication between the home, school, and outside agencies,
11. Provides individual and group counseling to students and parents.
12. Serves as liaison within a school building.
13. Assists in reporting to State Department of Education on number of pupils being served in
      special education programs.
14. Performs additional duties, where appropriate, which are assigned within the scope of
      employment and certification.
Required qualification: Certification as School Psychologist Reports to: Director of Special Services and Building Principal Work Year: by contract
Revised 9/01
Apply: Naugatuck.K12.CT.US

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.