Director - Bridgeport Public Schools
Position: Director
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Executive Director of Specialized Instruction
Job Location: Bridgeport Public Schools
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Bridgeport Public Schools
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Telephone: 203-275-1042
Job Description:
12 Month Position
Supervises Psychological Services; Speech Language and Hearing Services; Social Work Services and Special Education Support Services.  Reports to The Superintendent.
  1. Provides leadership for the development, implementation and evaluation of specialized services, in conformance with federal and state standards
  2. Engages in supervisory and administrative activities to promote the educational development of each student and the professional growth of district/school staff
  3. Recommends and implement the district’s policies and procedures for delivery of special services.
  4. Manages special services administrative functions to assist principals to maintain safe and efficient school operations within district guidelines
  5. Develops and support schools to implement an effective district-wide program to promote positive student behavior
  6. Designs and implements staff development plans for educators of students with special needs, encompassing an annual needs assessment and the arranging of in-services activities.
  7. Provides leadership for the supervision of Psychological Services, Speech Language, Hearing and Visual Services coordination; Social Work Services; and educational support services (e.g. out of district coordination, vocational/transition etc.)
  8. Advises principals and staff regarding the organization and management of special services
  9. Supervises the coordination of home instruction for home bound or hospitalized students
  10. Arranges for the transportation of all children placed in special services programs
  11. Ensures complete and cumulative individual records for all students receiving special services
  12. Visits on a regular basis all school sites at which special programs are conducted during hours when the programs are in operation
  13. Directs the preparation of various written documents such as budgets, program proposals and analyses, correspondence and reports required by local, state and federal agencies, etc.
  14. Represents the district at local, county and state levels in matters related to special services.
  15. Represents the district within community forums for the purpose of maintaining ongoing community support for educational goals and/or assisting with issues related to school environment
  16. Participates in administrative meetings, board meetings, negotiation meetings and other such meetings, as required
  17. Maintains high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student, staff and/or parent information
  18. Facilitates a collaborative approach to support student success through programs and services involving family and community engagement.
  19. Provides leadership in the development and implementation of educational compliance in regards to federal and state regulation.
  20. Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent.
  1. Connecticut certification as an Intermediate Administrator (092)
  2. Additional certification required in Special Education 165 or related services (School Psychologist 070; Speech Language 061; School Social Work 071)
  3. Master’s Degree in Education, Special Education or related services
  4. Five years of successful teaching experience
  5. Minimum 5 years demonstrated success in supervision and evaluation of staff.
  6. Demonstrated leadership in improving the planning, organization and delivery of specialized educational services to students, including a record of excellence in planning and implementing student assessment strategies, interventions and professional development.
  7. Knowledge of and/or experience in various aspects of administration and supervision of school programs
  8. Demonstrated knowledge of current trends and research in the area of specialized services
  9. Highly motivated, well-organized, excellent interpersonal skills
  10. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with entire school community
  11. Demonstrated proficiency in the use of technology for communication, reports and research
Open Until Filled  
This position is in accordance with the Agreement between the Bridgeport Board of Education and the Bridgeport Council of Administrators and Supervisors (BCAS).  

 Group I with a salary range of $137,220-$167,833

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