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Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Drop Out Prevention Specialist, Itinerant
Job Location: Itinerant
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: New Haven Public Schools
New Haven, CT 06519
Telephone: 475-220-1540
Job Description:
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Associate’s Degree in education to equivalent education and work experience.

Investigating and supporting the return of dropouts to an educational program; increases the number of students who complete high school education. Improve attendance of students determined to be at risk of dropping out.

Chief of Youth, Family, and Community Engagement

As established by the Board of Education

Local 884, Special Funds, Range 10, $50,038
Continued employment contingent upon availability of future funding.
Hires into this class shall not be covered by the City pension but shall continue to be covered by Social Security.

Performance evaluated by previsions of the Board of education’s policy on evaluation of personnel.

Review/ identify dropout-related statistics and incidents from data available.
Review/clarify/re-affirm district-related attendance policies and procedures for all schools.
Identify dropouts through self-referrals, third party, and social services recommendations.
Establish a program that helps to support the return of the dropout to an educational program by providing support/leadership in working with the student, family, school district staff, and community social service agencies.
Review/ clarify/ reaffirm district-related attendance policies and procedures for all schools.
Identify at-risk students in elected areas (grade level/school) based on attendance and academic performance.
Coordinate student/parent/staff/interactions to improve attendance.
Coordinate student/parent/staff/mentor interactions to improve academic performance/
Establish planning and network of opportunities to improve educational opportunities for these students.

Intergrade after-school and work-related opportunities for these students.
Develop and maintain a process to identify students in grades 7 through 12 who exhibit those behaviors associated with dropouts. (i.e., behavior problems, high absenteeism, involvement in drug culture). 
Meet with school staff regularly to provide academic and social support for those students reentering the system.
Meet with students regularly to provide academic and social support for those reentering the system.
Collaborate with school staff as well as outside agencies to coordinate services.
Through home visits, telephone calls, and letters, establish and maintain lines of communication with referred students and receiving school staff.
Develop and maintain contact records for documentation of dropout prevention efforts.
For the students not wishing to reenter the system, serve as a resource network for alternative education programs.


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