Classroom Teacher - Pattonville R-III School District
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Miscellaneous
Job Title: 8th Grade Social Studies/English Teacher - Remington Traditional School - 2022-2023
Job Location: Remington Traditional School
Beginning: Aug 22, 2022
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Elementary Education
District: Pattonville R-III School District
St Ann, MO 63074
Telephone: 314-213-8065 EXT 1065
Job Description:

Position Purpose:

Under the general supervision of the school principal(s), to develop students' knowledge and understanding of world cultures and cultural evolution; to develop skills in research of social orders; and develop an understanding of the existence and importance of geographical, historical, cultural and political factors that influence the development of world societies, socio-economic systems, and political systems, as well as their inter-relationship and interdependence. This teacher will also develop students' skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, foster communication skills, develop an understanding and appreciation of literature of all types, motivate students to read a wide variety of publications to derive information, comprehend and critically assess the reading materials, and to promote the development of skills in the field of English reading, grammar and syntax.
Essential Functions:
  • Develops and administers social studies and english education curriculum consistent with school district goals and objectives.
  • Promotes a classroom environment that is safe and conducive to individualized and small group instruction and student learning.
  • Develops lesson plans and utilizes instructional materials that translate into meaningful student learning experiences around historical events.
  • Teaches knowledge of social studies, incorporating history, geography, economics, political science, systems of government, education, responsible citizenship, and humanities.
  • Teaches knowledge and skills in English grammar and syntax, sentence and paragraph structure, composition, vocabulary and proper word usage, word denotations and connotations, creative writing, independent thinking, communication and speaking.
  • Develops students' understanding of various racial, ethnic, religious, and political groups, as well as the role/impact of socio-economic status, and the influence of various factors on human rights and freedom.
  • Fosters an understanding of the continuity and patterns of human behavior through the ages, and an awareness of the complexity and interrelationship of local, state, national and world challenges and approaches to various solution(s).
  • Demonstrates the manner in which the past provides a comparative basis from which to evaluate the nature of current issues and predict courses of action for the future, with continuous cross-reference to contemporary matters of importance.
  • Develops standards for critical analysis through group discussions on a variety of reading materials, including the mass media, and a wide range of literature.
  • Develops students' research skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to make critical  judgments and contribute to the thoughtful exchange of ideas, through a variety of reading, writing, group discussion and presentation assignments to stimulate self-reliance in problem-solving and conclusion drawing skills.
  • Promotes students' critical analysis of the effect media has on the flow of information and shaping of public discourse concerning key issues in the world.
  • Develops standards for critical analysis through group discussions on a variety of reading materials.
  • Conducts ongoing assessment of student learning and progress, and modifies instructional methods to fit individual student's needs.
  • Keeps accurate and complete records regarding grading and attendance as required by district/building procedures/policies.
  • Encourages involvement in the educational process and ensures effective communication with students and parents/guardians.
  • Ensures that student behavior conforms to school/district policies, and establishes and maintains standards of student conduct needed to achieve an effective learning environment.
  • Coordinates with other professional staff members, participates in faculty meetings, professional development, and serves on appropriate committees.
  • Selects appropriate learning materials and instructional strategies consistent with district curriculum.
Missouri Elementary K-8 Certification

  • Bachelors or Masters degree from an accredited college or university.

Position open until filled


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