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Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: RN School Supervisor
Job Location: CROMWELL
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Oct 03, 2019**
District: Adelbrook
Cromwell, CT 06416
Telephone: 860-635-0330 EXT 212
Job Description:
The RN school charge nurse will be responsible for meeting regulatory guidelines for DPH, Department of Education, as well as Adelbrook Policy related to health and wellness.
To include:
- Collaborate with school administration, Director of Nursing, RN Supervisor to problem solve any issues and communicate concerns.
- Work with parents/guardians/caregivers to ensure continuity of care of clients and ensure communication on an ongoing basis.
- Work with school direct care staff to help facilitate successful outcomes for clients.
- Develop organizational processes to ensure compliance with policy and regulations.
- Complete compliance/progress reports and submit to the RNS on a monthly basis.
- Maintain and update Adelbrook school policies and all health related paperwork.
RN School charge nurse is responsible for the medical and health management of youth @ Adelbrook Learning Centers. Assists teachers, behaviorists and the treatment team in the general care and treatment of students. Administers and documents medications; collaborates with guardians and healthcare providers to maintain up to date exams and medication orders; ensure that restraints of students are performed correctly; transcribe healthcare providers’ orders; perform simple nursing treatments; monitor students’ general needs including personal hygiene; report on conditions of students to guardians; provide hygiene and other relevant education to students and staff as needed. Monitors and ensures quality medical care through supervision and oversight of LPNs working in all Adelbrook's Learning centers. Responds to emergencies. Reports to the RN Supervisor/Director of Nursing.
1. Provide or obtain essential medical information on students in program
2. Maintain CHR with all Dept of education and DPH standards. Including but not limited to:
Physical, immunizations, allergy/DM/Seizure precautions,
current medication orders noting specific incidents where nursing and medical attention was given to a specific child
3. Obtain, pour, administer and account for medication per MD orders and ensure compliance with said standards and regulations.
4. Develop and follow through with implementing care plans and educating staff and nurses of individual specific health care plans
5. Participate in Leadership Team, rounds, treatment team meetings and PPTs, as requested. Make medical calls, as necessary, to Director of Nursing/RN Supervisor, and MD as needed.
6. Observe/document physical restraints to ensure safety of students and staff members.
7. Distribute first aid supplies to the classrooms as needed.
8. Responsible for medication records, emergency packets, epi-pen school standing orders, and medical standing orders, as well as any necessary medical documentation at all Adelbrook LC sites.
9. Review of LPN/med cert documentation and LPN/med cert medication administration.
Evaluate LPNs compliance with policies and procedures and ensure all student medical files meet regulatory guidelines for DPH, Department of Education, as well as Adelbrook Policy related to health and wellness
10. communicate with parents/guardians regarding medical information and recommendations pertaining to students health
11. Display exemplary role modeling on the job and when in contact with the youth being served.
12. Perform other duties as assigned by the nursing supervisor/DON.
Must have graduated from an accredited nursing program and be licensed as an RN in CT. At least three years of experience as an RN, preferably with some supervisory experience. Experience in working with adolescents who have mental
health diagnoses and are emotional and/or behaviorally disordered, is preferred. Must be able to work independently while seeking supervision when necessary.
Must have: knowledge of practical nursing theory, practices and ethics; knowledge of current medications used to treat psychiatric illnesses and behavioral disorders; knowledge of infection control practices; some knowledge of nutrition and diets; basic knowledge of medical and lab sciences; considerable interpersonal skills; ability to respond in emergencies; ability to keep detailed records; ability to listen and provide empathetic assistance to residents in meeting their needs and carrying out prescribed treatments.
The ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing is requisite, as is the ability to work with colleagues and residents from diverse ethnic, economic, educational and religious backgrounds.

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