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Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Psychologist/Board Certified Behavioral Specialist
Job Location: Charles F Hayden School/ Milford, CT
Beginning: Jul 25, 2019
Deadline: Sep 23, 2019**
District: Boys & Girls Village
Milford, CT 06461
Telephone: 203-882-5891
Job Description:

  •        Collaborate with teachers/social workers regarding student assessments, monitor assessment progress and perform assessments when necessary.
  •        Develop, implement and consult with classroom teacher and clinical team on behavior plans and data collection strategies which address individualized IEP goals and objectives based on assessment results.
  •        Provide input with clinical team when necessary to perform off-site observations and/or school   
  •        intakes.
  • Assist SPED in determining appropriate assessments (formal and informal) to conduct based on student profile.
  •        Designs rubrics and data progress monitoring systems to assess student progress.
  •        Attend all team meetings, teacher rounds, relevant training and seminars in an effort to exercise and promote the highest level of professional development and judgment.
  •        Promote open communication, discussion and collaboration with professional and clinical staff regarding student social and behavioral progress.
  •        Engage in professional development planning as outlined in Charles F. Hayden School Professional Development Plan.
  •        Provides guidance and professional development in the areas of data driven decision making and analyzing data.
  • Conduct observations of students on assigned case load to gather data for FBA.
  • Provides ongoing training and professional development for RBT’s as well as training to meet requirements to become a RBT.
  • Conduct graph reviews (detailed review of all graphs/data sheets; provide necessary training and feedback- in meetings and hands on with student; follow-up).
  • Attend home, community visits, other BGV Programs, parent meetings and observations as needed.
  • Maintains safety for all Charles F. Hayden School students throughout the school day at all times.
  • Data Collection Team Leader:  Initiate teacher professional development around data collection strategies.
  • Complete all agency trainings and requirements.
  • Other duties may be assigned by the Education Milieu Manager, VP of Ed. and Voc. Svcs. to serve BGV needs. 
  • Provide input into all aspects of students goals and objectives.
  • If not on-going, begin collecting FBA data approximately one month prior to PPT date.
  • Write/update BIPs for all students- this may be individualized per student basis.
  •    Present student’s school performance data outlining; attendance, behavior and academics.
  •    Collaborate pre-planning with principal and clinical team member through P.S.T. meeting.
  • Present BIP (data review, FBA, BIP) or delegate to prepared.

  • Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst or qualify for CT certification in School Psychology
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience working with students with behavioral needs.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in writing and reporting on behavior intervention plans
  • Provides behavioral recommendations to staff
  • Must fulfill competency based training requirements in TCI and Boys & Girls Village Social Skills Model.
  • Must be able to respond to crisis, including the ability to physically restrain if necessary.
  • Experience with evidence based behavioral practices and implementations.
  • Ability to maintain calm, collegial relationships with students, staff and community. 
  • Commitment to learning as an ongoing opportunity and professional imperative.
  • Public Service Driver’s License.

  • Provide required hours for BCBA supervision training for BACB or RBT
         In conjunction with VP of Ed. and Voc. Svcs. and EMM, give input to SPED and Para/MHW evaluations.
  • Must be able to respond to crisis, including the ability to physically restrain if necessary
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** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.